6 Great Gift Ideas For 10 Year Old Boy


Buying gifts for kids can be easy when they are very young, but when they grow, those things that were simple become a bit more complex. As a parent, finding something that they will enjoy today and two weeks from now is a tough thing, as their tastes change fast. There are a few gifts, however, that are tried and true, especially when shopping for picky kids. If you have a 10-year-old boy, then you will no doubt want to look into a few gifts that you can buy now, and still have them enjoying them down the line.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Total Turbo Takeover Track Set – $39.99

The first major option that you are going to want to consider is this complete track builder set for Hot Wheels. One of the longtime traditions in nearly every household is playing with toy cars. Hot Wheels cars are only about $1 each, and most kids at 10 years old have a ton of them. Well, here is a set that you can have a lot of fun putting together. At under $40 this is a track builder that you can start with out of the box, and then add more track pieces to create an incredible track. Race them, run them fast, or just build an immense city of racing tracks.

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Wild Science Weird Slime Laboratory – $17.99


Moving forward to something different, consider this toy that will have any kid happy. This is an educational option that is under $20, and it features weird slime! That’s right, weird slime, and science collide with some crazy DIY games, and options. Everything that you need comes in this box. It’s non-toxic, fun, and easy to clean. It makes for a new meaning of the term “weird science”, that’s for sure.

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LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box – $59.99

If you want a gift that any child is going to love, here you go. This is the ultimate building set for fans of Lego. This brick box is not only easy to put away and store, it has 790 pieces for your kid to enjoy. That’s 790 pieces for under $60 and they can build just about anything. Want to double up your bricks? Buy 2 of these, and you’ll have 1580 pieces! That’s a lot of pieces that you can build just about anything with. This is a great gift for both parents and kids to indulge in. Let the creativity flow with relative ease thanks to this simple gift.

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Mongoose Legion L80 Bicycle – $204.99

One of the tried and true gifts that you can get a kid is simple, a bicycle. The Mongoose Legion L80 is a good BMX option that is easy to put together, strong, and made for fun. It’s lightweight, but strengthened with alloys, and has a simple brake up front. It’s very fun for anyone 10 years and older, and has an adjustable seat so that they can ride as they grow up. This is great for riding around town, and even for some freestyle bmx tricks.

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Risk: Star Wars Edition Game – $29.99


Moving forward, you’re going to find that that this game is set up for kids 10 years old and up. The reason why this game makes the list is because it’s the classic Risk game, but made with the Star Wars element. Star Wars action is found with this set up that allows 2 players to play or 2 teams to play, each one picking the light side or the dark side. There’s a lot of pieces that come with this game, and something that is specifically made for kids 10 years old and up. Strategy, fun, and so much more is found with this game, and it is not just given a Star Wars make up, it truly has a lot to offer in terms of the property license.

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Super Soaker Thunderstorm – $35.00

The classic Super Soaker name is still alive and well, and now, you can get into the action with the Thunderstorm water gun. This is a bright orange, fully automatic option that lets you send streams of water across 25 feet! This is a fun little option that doesn’t require pumping, and delivers a lot of water in a small package. Made for safety, and fun in mind, this is a great gift for kids.

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There you have it, some great gift ideas for 10 year old boy, and some of my favorites, without breaking the bank. Any 10-year-old will love these, guaranteed!

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