7 Tips for a Proper Gift Giving Etiquette


Gifts are one of the most exciting things for most people. Well, mostly because everyone likes surprises!

A gift is usually a symbol of appreciation, love, and respect. It shows the unspoken feelings towards the one you care about, whether it is a family member, a friend or a colleague. So, it is very important to make it all right in order for this gift to show a good reflection of how you really feel.

And what might be a hidden information to some people, is that there is a certain gifting etiquette or steps to follow while giving and receiving someone a gift. This etiquette begins from the moment you think about buying this gift where there are some steps you need to put in mind and follow. Following below tips will make sure that you always give the right gift at the right time in the right way.

First thing first!

Who are you buying this gift to…and why?

This sounds like an obvious question, but many gift givers overlook it.

Is it a family member, a friend, a partner or your boss? The closer the person you are buying the gift; the more effort it will need while searching for it. Since you have to buy something that is special and more specialized for this person. 
Also, why are you buying this gift? What is the occasion? Because the importance of the event will help you decide what you will buy as a gift. The answer to these two questions will indeed help you in setting the budget and the size of the gift!

Take care of the personality and culture difference


So, when you are buying the gift, it is very important to think about the one you are buying for. His/ her interest, likes and dislikes. Did he/she lately say that they need something in particular? Buying something that he/she wishes for will make him/her more appreciating and surprised for how much you care and listen to what they say too.

This step is pretty easy when you are giving the gift to a friend, family member or a partner. But what if he/she is your boss or business colleague. It is better that you buy a formal gift, reflecting the respect you would like to show for him/her. So, it is important to put in mind the age of the person you are buying the gift for.

Also, don’t forget about the cultural difference. Sometimes, it’s a “make or break” of the gifting.

Pay attention to wrapping

Now, after getting over with the first phase, buying the gift. Let’s head to the second phase: The shape of the gift and how it will look like the first moment he/she sees it. Well! It is all about wrapping.

Making the gift in a good wrap up will give him/her a good impression about the gift. So make sure to choose the colors they like. 
On the other hand, if the gift is formal, always choose formal colors, like; navy, grey and brown shades. Also, a box and ribbon always fit the dilemma in that case.

Don’t forget the card

Don’t forget the card. A card is usually very important because that is where you can write how you really feel and explain the reason behind buying the gift. Especially that, the card lasts forever probably more than the original gift itself!

gift cardsgift cardsgift cards

Giving the gift at the right time and the right place

Let’s begin with the formal type of gift (to a boss or a colleague). It might be a birthday party or farewell party that takes place inside the business building or a dining place nearby. It is better to give him/her the gift while greeting them to make sure he/she had your gift instead of losing it in the crowd of the party.While for a close person (family or friend), it is better to make plans for lunch or dinner where you can hand him/her the gift face to face.

With a right style…

Whomever receives the gift or how closed your relationship, please remember this:

Always present your gift with both hands. This culture may come from Asian countries. The idea is to show that you respect and really care. Also, a hand-written greeting card or note will always be special and stood out.

What to buy?

But since we are heading close to a season full of gifts, there are some points that we need to put in mind:

Buying an expensive gift is not always important.

Sometimes a greeting card is enough for the occasion (for co-workers, sports’ mates, neighbors). Also, if you forgot to send a gift to someone, don’t panic. Just send the gift with an apology note for sending it late. Well, late is better than never indeed!

Moreover, if you can ask for a wish-list, then you are so lucky! You don’t have to feel ashamed of asking first, but on the other hand, it will show how much you care about getting something that they will like. And it will spare you wasting money on something they won’t like!

Making something special with your bare hands won’t only save you money but also he/she will consider it as a sign of appreciation. Nowadays, most people appreciate the specialized gifts.


When buying a gift, don’t wait for a re-gift in return. Just buy it with love and that will be easily shown in the gift you choose. It is not about how much you pay in a gift, but how much you care. So, it is all about appreciation and that you shall definitely receive.

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