Best White Elephant Gift Ideas 2016 to Make More Fun


Every year people gather together for parties and festivities as the year draws to a close. You may be invited to a white elephant gift exchange. This is a special celebration where you will bring a mystery gift, and there may be a drawing, or an exchange with a bit of fun. Whatever the case is, this can be made even more fun when you pick up a great overall gift idea. But what do you get? What would stand out? Here is a great deal of white elephant gift ideas that you may want to explore.

People of Desk Calendar (2017) – $14.99


One of the funniest sites on the web comes home with a great calendar. There are 365 awesome pages of comedic glory. People of Walmart showcases the fun, dumb, and outright idiotic that comes through from visitors of the big box retailer. This is a great gift that can have some laughing, and others thrown a bit off, which is great. As far as a great gift to give just about anyone, here’s a great starting line under $20.

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Muffin Tops Baking Cups – $13.50


Another great idea is to poke a little fun at baking. This is an interesting concept as they are baking cups that one can use to make muffins. You will receive 4 muffin molds in which you can make a corn muffin, or a sweet treat, with something a little extra. When the muffins rise, they will have a top on these cups, and it will look as though someone has a little extra fat over their pants. These are shaped like a pair of jeans, and once you see the end result, you will no doubt have a chuckle.

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Bacon Toothpaste – $7 – $14


Going comedic, but with a twist is this classic gag gift that will definitely get you a lot of trades. This is a toothpaste in the flavor that everyone loves, bacon! That’s right, this bacon flavored toothpaste still works great, but it tastes amazing, and that is something that is going to get a lot of people wanting your gift and willing to trade for it. For under $20, you are going to find that this is nothing short of fun, and tasty.

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Floral Russian Nesting Dolls – $15

Want to go a bit odd, but still maintain a certain good quality? This is going to be the gift to bring, as it’s under $20. This gift has floral patterned Matryoshka style nesting dolls. As someone opens up the doll, there’s another, and another, and another, and it just keeps going until you have a tiny little doll left. This is a classic Russian design, and in this case, it’s hand painted, made of linden wood, and makes a great overall gift.

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Eat More Tacos Pennant – $24


Going forward, you may be still wondering what to bring that no one else will think of, and that’s where this gift comes into play. The Eat More Tacos Pennant is a great looking baseball themed flag, but with something that many will agree with, and it’s the statement, “Eat More Tacos”. That’s right, you can showcase your love for all things Mexican food, and of course get people curious about trading, and more. This is a gift that is definitely going to raise eyebrows, and bring about some smiles.

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Dog Butt Magnets – $15


The thing about white elephant gift exchanges is that they bring about a great deal of humor, and fun. That’s where this option is rooted, in the fun of the exchange itself. As a result, you’re going to have an uproar of interest when you present this gift set. This is a set of 6 magnets that are shaped in the form of dog butts, and a fire hydrant. For the dog lover in all of us, this will bring about great joy once opened. For under $20, you can’t go wrong with this amazing little gift.

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Giant Pizza Slice Pool – $19.99

One more option to consider for your next white elephant gift exchange is this incredible, irreverent, and funny item. This is a 6-foot inflatable raft in the shape of a slice of pizza. That’s right, it’s a slice of pepperoni pizza and it floats. For those that have pools, or just want to hang out on an inflatable slice of pizza, this is going to bring about a lot of joy.

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There you have it, a lot of great options for you to explore at your next white elephant gift exchange. From funny to functional, these are just grand, so test them out.

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