Proper Baptism Gift Etiquette for Godparents


Many people in the world fantasize about the day that their baby will be baptized. This is a fantastic event that is quite likely to be shared with many family members and close friends. If you would like to thank all of these people for sharing this moment with you, you may wonder how to personalize your baby’s baptism reception party. Luckily, you will find that there are a thousand folds of different items that you can customize for this occasion!

It has become very popular for families to give a small thing to the reception party guests. This article is intended to be a keepsake of the baptism that the guests can proceed to enjoy. By superimposing photos to the keepsake, you are making the baptism gift both unique and extraordinary.

Since there are so many items for you to choose from, you can find a great keepsake for any budget! Spend some time looking through the available options to find something that you like the best and can afford.

What to gifts?

If you are studying for a classic type of gift, you may consider having ornaments created with the baby’s picture. A photo ornament is a lovely gift that your guests are sure to enjoy. These look great in display cases and can also be saved to pass down to future generations in the family.

The ideal christening gifts are those that will guide the child with their spiritual ability. Everybody fancies the idea of shopping for that cute little outfit for the baby to wear or that neat toy for the baby to play with, but these aren’t considered appropriate for the occasion. Infant or child can be baptized there is not an age limit on getting baptized. Baptism is a very special occasion, and typically gifts are purchased, and that gift should be just as special as the event. The gift should be a reflection of the person entering into the Christian faith.

When it comes to baby baptism gifts, the godparents typically purchase a keepsake of some sort. The most common gift is a silver spoon, fork, knife or mug that has the child’s name and the date of the ceremony engraved on it.

Stuffed animals dressed in baptismal clothing are other favorite items, as well as carved picture frames. Some people may choose to get something that is beneficial to both the parents and the child. Savings bonds or college funds are great examples of gifts that can help the parents also.

For an older child, a great gift would be a Bible. This would allow the child to be able to have valuable reading material right at their fingertips any time they needed it. Another great gift would be a journal. A child can write down their thoughts or even use it as a vessel when communicating with God. Less personal items could be a gift certificate or even money.

Adult baptism gifts are a little less common, but there are still great gifts available. Many adults who are being baptized already own a Bible, but these make great gifts. If they already own a Bible, something such as Christian reading material or concordances makes for great gifts.

So you get the ideas…

Here are 8 popular baptism gift suggestions for godparents:

1. Personalized Picture Frames – $30

The most affordable picture frames come in pink or blue and are engraved or painted with the baby’s name and the date of the baptism. Parents love this gift because they can use the frame for their favorite picture of the christening ceremony.

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2. Engraved Baptism Crosses – $20

There is a broad range of personalized crosses available. The more costly ones are made from sterling silver, but there are some lovely porcelain and even plastic crosses available as well. In addition to the baby’s name, these gifts for baptism can be further personalized by adding your favorite Bible verse.

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3. Baptism Jewelry – $20

Considered more appropriate for girls than for boys, baptism jewelry is usually a necklace or a bracelet with a small silver cross engraved with the baby’s name and date of baptism.

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4. Child or Baby Bible – $21

When you choose this baptism gift, you can select a child’s illustrated Bible or a perfect translation like the King James Version that the child can cherish as he or she grows up. The Bibles specifically for little ones usually come with pink or blue covers, while the adult versions are more likely to feature a white satin cover.

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5. Sterling Silver Rattle – $26

A sterling silver rattle is a whimsical gift designed to be a keepsake rather than a toy. This is one of the gifts for baptism that is likely to become a family heirloom, lovingly passed on from generation to generation.

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6. Personalized Prayer Plate – $20

Some of these plates are designed so that a baby or child can eat from them. Others are meant only for display. A prayer plate usually features the child’s name, date of birth or date of baptism, and a Bible verse, prayer, or short blessing. The art varies from religious symbols to cute animal pictures. A related gift is a personalized wall tile.

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7. Piggy Bank – $25

Piggy banks no longer have to be in the shape of a pig. In fact, if you take some time to look around, you can probably find affordable baby banks at $25 in almost every shape imaginable. Parent favorites include teddy bear shaped banks, baby shoe banks, and banks in the shape of blocks. Traditionally, piggy banks for the baby are silver-plated, but there are many attractive ceramic banks as well

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8.Christening Keepsake Box – $20

If you want to buy a keepsake baptism gift, but your funds are somewhat limited, a christening keepsake box is a good option. For around $20, you can get an elegant white paper linen box with space for a photograph and gift tag. This table can be used to hold other baptism presents and mementos of the baby’s christening.

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If you are looking to purchase a baptism gift for a friend or family member, keep in mind the significance of the event. You want your gift to be meaningful and beneficial. If you would rather take a less personal approach, perhaps because you aren’t that close with the person being baptized, you do have other options. Either way, there is an endless variety of baptism gifts that you can purchase that will show that you understand and respect their decision during this particular time.

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