10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Best 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her


When you’ve been with someone for some time, you get to know them very well. This proves absolutely true for marriage. After a decade of marriage with the woman you love, you have most likely given her everything you’ve ever wanted to give her. But with an anniversary looming, you may want to explore new things, and experiences to present to her. With that in mind, the following line up of gift ideas will help you surprise her on the day of your 10th wedding anniversary.

Diamond Stud Earrings – $257.00

We’ll start with something a bit on the higher end, just because it’s the 10th anniversary, and modern tradition dictates diamonds should be utilized. If you’re going very traditional, tin/aluminum was the old guard. However, this new day and age will require you to go a bit upgraded. This is an option that is absolutely glorious, and will absolutely put a smile on her face. Go with no less than 0.5 carat diamond earrings, and make sure that they are on white gold. You’ll find that this is a timeless gift that any wife would love, but especially for a great anniversary.

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50 Farm Fresh White Roses – $62.00


One of the best things that you can do for a woman is give her flowers. For the anniversary, go with something unique, aside from the traditional “red” roses. Go with white roses, and pick no less than 50. 50 fresh roses will look absolutely compelling, and when you hold them together and present them to her, she will no doubt get a few tears in her eyes. There’s something beautiful about roses, especially when you have way more than a dozen. Go with 50 to 100 and watch her illuminate with joy. There’s something absolute grand about this.

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Bath Bombs Gift Set – $14.99

Moving away from roses and diamonds, you could combine a couple of things to make your wife happy. This is an option that is no doubt going to show her you care. Give her the gift of bath bombs. This set bombs gives you 6 options that are non GMO, fizz up in water, and provide essential oils, Epsom salts, and more to leave skin dry, moisturized, and induce a bit of relaxation. Pour her a bath, drop one of these in, and watch the fizziness deliver on the promise of comfort, relaxation, and purity through bath time. Just one bath will transform her day into a blessing.

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Wedding Anniversary Wine Box – $109


The 10-year anniversary is a time for celebration, and what makes that all the better than to go with a nice bottle of wine. Well, with this box, you can equip 3 bottles of wine and make a weekend of your anniversary. This wine box perfectly encapsulates the joy of celebrating the anniversary, a celebration, and quiet nights together. That’s 3 slots for 3 bottles of wine, and the monikers on each one. These are hand crafted, unique, and will definitely showcase a bit of romance to come.

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10th Wedding Anniversary Wall Plaque – $49.99


One of the ways to show her that you love her, is to add to the home’s décor. This anniversary plaque not only exemplifies your feelings for her, but it spells it out with nice calligraphy. The dimensions are 12” x 15” x .5” and can look great just about anywhere. It showcases the months, weeks, days, and hours that a couple has been married, and it is truly a unique gem to give someone. You’ll find that the poetry and the design add to the day’s unique celebration.

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Precious Moments 10th Anniversary Figurine – $55.99


One of the tried and true gifts that you will no doubt want to explore is found with Precious Moments. They make amazing figurines, and the 10-year wedding anniversary gift is just that. It’s a couple in caricature, showcasing their amazing love. The two are looking into one another’s eyes, and the 10-year moniker is in a heart, as they stand together. This is a hand sculpted and painted figurine and is part of the Precious Moments line up of figures. It truly melts the heart, and is made specifically for her.

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There you have it, several ideas to give you a perfect option for a wedding anniversary. There’s no need to panic or wait for the last minute, these options will definitely get her smiling. It’s a great way to present her with something magical, on the day of your 10th wedding anniversary.

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